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With the development of the times, people now also switch to mental labor instead of manual labor and they don't have too much time in the day to practice. So, how can we both get high performance and promote good health?

Do you have enough time to go to the gym 4 times in a week? Or can you make time every morning to exercise or go for a run? And a great suggestion that we give you is to buy the right sports equipment so that you can immediately start working out at your home.

However, do you already know what sports equipment you should buy? What regimen should I follow and what equipment is best for me?

Sports at home are increasingly popular with people, thanks to that, sports equipment is produced with all kinds of models and prices on the market. And you will be overwhelmed when choosing a suitable device because you do not have enough experience and information. Don't worry, our website will suggest you the best quality products and the most useful experience information to help your training.

Our Story 

Have a nice day everyone. First let me introduce myself a little, I am Marise James. Before starting this website, I was a content writer for a company. Due to the dense nature of my work, I had to sit in front of the computer 24/7, make friends with fast food, and have an irregular schedule. That's why at a young age I was obese. I only stopped in time to harm myself when I clearly felt the negative effects that obesity brought. I resigned from the company, started as a freelancer to have time to lose weight.

However, the effect is not as I expected and there are signs of backlash. I didn't really learn about the calorie level in eating, the exercises from basic to advanced, how to properly use them in combination with equipment, unhealthy lifestyle...That's why my obesity got worse day by day. In the end, I decided to spend half of my working time every day learning about sports to lose weight, listen to the opinions of nutritionists, and find myself a professional fitness trainer. . After 10 years, I have regained my original shape and confidence, with the positive energy and training habits that exercise brings. Even in my late 40s, my health is still as good as I was in my 20s.

With my own experience and successes, I decided to build this website to share my experiences in sports practice, suggestions for everyone to get the most effective results of practice fitness.

Our mission

With a strong staff combined with long-experienced authors. That's why we promise to bring the most useful reviews, experiences and advice to help you choose the right products and services that suit your needs as well as find the right products and services. quality products and services.

With the working criterion that we always aim for when writing reviews is "Objective - complete - accurate", in order to give users the most realistic and correct view to choose the right product. fit. Working seriously and always putting the interests of users first, so the reviews we give receive a lot of response and trust from users.

Why Can You Trust Us?

Compared to choosing the best rated sports equipment from countless websites with comparable topics, coming to us is definitely the best decision. We are confident that we are capable of meeting your expectations because:

Verified information

All the reviews that we provide are based on the most complete and accurate actual assessments, always being a trusted destination for users when there is a need to evaluate current products and services. available on the market.

At our website gathers a team of experts who specialize in researching, testing, evaluating, and having professional skills. They specialize in infiltrating the market and taking information, doing actual research to give the best quality reviews of products to share to a large number of customers.


You can find out more information about the product by clicking on the links provided under each product's review.

This means we get a commission every time you click on that link and make a purchase, but that doesn't mean our site is a site for businesses to advertise their products. benefit.

We provide a personal opinion on each product and thoroughly evaluate the benefits and points to keep in mind before purchasing the product according to each link.

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